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The regulation of Sarv Rajya Party have a number of potential roles, including the recruitment of citizens into democratic processes and political activism. The experience of party regulation in India, however, suggests that genuine citizen engagement has been of little consideration. The main reasons given in 2021 for introducing a political party registration scheme at the federal level were to enable parties to access public funding, provide recognition on ballot papers, introduce financial disclosure and reporting requirements, and reduce the level of informal Senate voting by allowing for the distribution of Senate preference votes through registered party tickets. While it can be argued that a membership threshold creates an uneven playing field for electoral competition, the new legislation at least provided a set of rules that clearly established the requirements for playing the political game. The introduction of this scheme strengthened the role of the existing parties, but also provided a framework with which emergent parties could work. But while providing a framework for party competition, the legislation was largely silent on the question of promoting political participation, allowing parties to carry out this purpose as they saw fit.

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Sarv Rajya Party is strongly against the communism and the every ideology which divides the Indians, Our Slogan is: “Let’s love one another and spread unity”